A number of events were held in Tbilisi on the occasion of May 28-Republic Day

Azerbaijani Ambassador to Georgia Faig Guliyev, as well as embassy staff, Azerbaijani businessmen and public figures in Georgia visited the monument to the national leader in the Heydar Aliyev Park in Tbilisi and laid flowers to it.
Participants of the event commemorated the memory of Fatali khan Khoyski and Hasan bey Agayev, the founders of the Popular Front in the pantheon of prominent Azerbaijanis, located in the Botanical Garden of the city.
Later, Azerbaijani Ambassador to Georgia Faig Guliyev visited the current National Youth Palace, where the independence of the Azerbaijan People's Republic (APR) was declared, and laid a wreath at the memorial plaque at the entrance to the hall where the APC declaration of independence was read.
Employees of the Azerbaijani embassy also attended the visit. The ambassador and his staff visited the hall where independence was declared and took a photo.
The events dedicated to May 28 - Republic Day continued in Marneuli.
An event dedicated to May 26 - Georgia's Independence Day and May 28 - Republic Day of Azerbaijan was organized in Marneuli, Georgia.
Azerbaijani Ambassador to Georgia Faig Guliyev, SOCAR Energy Georgia CEO Mahir Mammadov, Kvemo Kartli Governor Shota Rekhviashvili, representatives of the Georgian Foreign and Culture, Sports and Youth Ministries, Georgian MPs Zaur Dargalli and Savalan Mirzayev, Marneuli Mayor's Office, Lev Spivak, head of the Azerbaijan-Israel International Association (AzIz) and others attended.
In his speech, Guliyev noted that the Republic Day of Azerbaijan was especially celebrated in Georgia, recalling that 103 years ago, Tbilisi was declared the first democratic republic in the Muslim East.
Speaking about the historical roots of relations between Azerbaijan and Georgia and the current relations between the two countries, the ambassador noted that friendly relations between the two friendly and close countries continue today.
It was noted that Azerbaijan's victory in the Great Patriotic War added double joy to the celebration of the Republic Day.
Speaking later, Rekhviashvili and Georgian officials congratulated the Azerbaijani people on the national holiday and noted that along with friendly and brotherly Azerbaijan, Georgia also has an important history. During the speech, the guests stressed that the two nations have been friends for centuries and these relations are still developing today. At the end of their speech, they wished the people of Azerbaijan peace and prosperity.
The concert program presented after the performances featured Azerbaijani and Georgian national dances performed by Georgian dance groups. Songs of Ashig Nargila Mehtiyeva and "Ialoni" ensemble, a flame show under the sounds of "Karabakh" composition of "Natig rhythm group" presented by "Fire show" group and "live statues" in the image of a kickboxer were met with great interest.
After the performances of the masters of art, the winners of the kickboxing tournament dedicated to the national holidays of Georgia and Azerbaijan, which started on May 26, were awarded medals and trophies.
As a continuation of the events, on May 28 - Republic Day, the TV tower in Mtatsminda Park, one of the main symbols of the capital and the highest point of the capital, Tbilisi, and the historic Sakrebulo (City Council) building in the capital's central Freedom Square were illuminated with Azerbaijani flags.

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