Message from Ambassador

Welcome to the website of the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan to Georgia!

Standing at the crossroads of cultures and civilizations, Azerbaijan is a land of ancient history, colorful geography, strong economy and rich culture. It is one of the cradles of human civilization,  it is a nexus of ancient historical empires, the birthplace of world’s first-ever oil drilling rig, establisher of the first Democratic Republic and the first opera in the Muslim world.

Throughout its contemporary history, Azerbaijan has been a strong and reliable strategic partner in the area of diplomacy and economy in the Transcaucasia and beyond. Azerbaijan truly values its close and friendly ties with Georgia and it is my distinct honour to represent Azerbaijan in Georgia!

This web site has been designed to provide you with the information about the history, culture, politics, economy and bilateral relations between the two friendly countries of Azerbaijan and Georgia.

I hope that the resources of our website will help you find answers to all your questions.

Come visit Azerbaijan! Enjoy our nature, listen to our soul-soothing music, taste our delightful national cuisine and, most importantly, build new friendships and meet our people.

We look forward to seeing you in Azerbaijan!


Faig Guliyev


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