The memory of the martyrs of Black January was honored

Ambassador Faig Guliyev and embassy staff visited the graves, family members and relatives of the martyrs from Georgia.

The Ambassador first visited the family of Etibar Eminov, the brother of the martyr Vafadar Eminov from Kiraj-Muganli village of Marneuli region. The diplomat expressed his condolences to the relatives of the martyr and inquired about the care of the family. He said that among the martyrs of January 20, there are 6 compatriots from Georgia. The Azerbaijani embassy always pays attention to the care of their family members and relatives.

On behalf of the Union of Azerbaijani Businessmen (AZEBI) in Georgia, a gift of food was presented to the martyr's family.

At the commemoration ceremony, AZEBI Chairman Nariman Gurbanov, Georgian MP Zaur Dargalli and others spoke about the similar fate of the Azerbaijani and Georgian peoples, their struggle for freedom, emphasizing that the heroes who died for the Motherland will never be forgotten.

The ceremony was attended by Deputy Mayor of Marneuli Zaur Tabatadze, village intellectuals and elders.

Then The ambassador and his entourage visited the grave of "January 20" martyr Mursagulov Ismayil Hasan oglu in Gizilhajili village of Marneuli region, the grave of "January 20" martyr Ahmadov Ilgar Humbat oglu in Fakhrali village of Bolnisi region and family members, "January 20" in Kapanakchi village of Bolnisi region The family members of the martyr Turabov Tengiz Mammad oglu met with the family members of the martyr "January 20" Ismayilov Rashid Islam oglu living in the village of Agtahla, Gardabani region.

The diplomat inquired about the care of the families of the martyrs and spoke about the work to be done.

On January 21, the Ambassador and embassy staff will visit the "January 20" monument in the village of Yor-Muganli, Sagarejo district, and meet with the family members of the "January 20" martyr Gayibov Alasgar Yusif.

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